Top 5 High End Eyeshadow Palettes

  1. Naked Palettes £38.00; The colours in these palettes are beautiful! The naked palettes are perfect for everyday wear as well as evening looks, with a range of subtle shimmery tones and soft matte smokey tones. Score: 8/10
  2. Charlotte Tilbury (Dolce Vita) £38.00; The packaging of this eyeshadow quad is phenomenal and the colours in this quad are extremely pigmented, giving a long lasting finish. Score: 9/10
  3. Morphe Palette £21.75; The quality, shades, pigmentation and application is fantastic! These palettes are a must have in your makeup kit girls! The price you pay for 35 tones  is one of the many perks of these palettes.**OUR STAR BUY**        Score: 10/10
  4. Anastasia Beverly Hills (Modern Renaissance) £41.00; This palette is a luxury to own! The colours and pigmentation of this product are stunning! The shadows in this palette are super easy to blend! Score: 10/10
  5. Too faced Palettes £39.00; The too faced eyeshadows has been everyone’s favourite for a long time! The best part of this product is that it smells of chocolate! The shadows is so long lasting and blend really well! Score: 9/10

Image result for naked palette 1 2 3Image result for charlotte tilbury dolce vita eyeshadow paletteImage result for morphe palettesImage result for anastasia beverly hills modern renaissance eyeshadow paletteImage result for too faced palette chocolate bar

P.S I just purchased the Morphe 35o and it’s beautssssssssssss x

Top 5 nudes from MAC

Welcome back! This weeks blog will be about the top 5 nudes from MAC! Not sure which nude to purchase next? Well keep reading the blog to find your perfect match.

1) Twig (Satin) £15.50Twig is a must have in your make up kits ladies, this lipstick looks so beautiful on, with dusky pink tones and adds a sheen to the finish! The application of this lipstick is amazing. Also feels soft on the lips Score: 10/10

2) Mehr (Matte) £15.50: Mehr is a beautiful natural colour this nude will compliment all skin tones. This lipstick application is great as it is very creamy and long lasting. Score: 9/10

3) Taupe (Matte) £15.50: Taupe is a brilliant nude with hints of brown. This nude is amazing to wear during the day and gives that wow factor! It compliments Asian skin tones fair/medium and dark. Score: 9.5/10

4) Velvet teddy (Matte) £15.50: Velvet Teddy is a light rosy shade with hints of brown. This shade compliments pale skin tones a lot! This lipstick is a beautiful matte shade and is our senior makeup artists favourite shade!! Score: 10/10

5) Faux (Satin) £15.50: Faux gives a beautiful sheen finish. This lipstick has hints of pink, as every other mac lipstick. It compliments fair to medium skin tones. This will look wonderful with a tan. Score: 8/10

The lipliner in the shade Soar or Whirl from Mac compliment all the nude shades mentioned above. Mwah xx



Top 5 high end foundations (heavy coverage)

The blog this week will be about the best high end foundations our senior makeup artist at Addictive Beauty Studio recommends.

  1. Estee Lauder ‘Double wear’ :  £31.00 This foundation is one of the best and we cannot recommend this product enough to you! This product blends really well, it will give you a beautiful flawless finish and will ensure that it doesn’t look cakey at all. Score: 10/10
  2. Nars ‘All day Luminous’: £32.00  This foundation has a full coverage however it is natural looking. A little will go a long way with this product, after you have applied this foundation there is no grease or shine in sight. Score: 9/10
  3. HD forever foundation: £29.00 This foundation gives you a really smooth finish and this foundation is very buildable depending on how you like the coverage. You can wear this foundation everyday. Score: 8.5/10
  4. Too Faced ‘Born this way’: £29.00 Born this way is an amazing full coverage foundation which is very buildable. This foundation will cover all scars and blemishes and will leave a natural finish! In terms of photography your pictures will look fantastic after using this foundation! Score: 8/10
  5. Illamasqua ‘Skin base’: £32.50 This foundation is super blend able and gives an amazing finish! this product would be amazing for anyone who is going for a dewy finish. We do not recommend this foundation to anyone with dry skin as it is predominantly powder based Score: 5/10

Image result for estee lauder double wear foundationImage result for nars all day luminous weightless foundationImage result for hd foundation                                   Image result for too faced born this way foundationImage result for illamasqua skin base foundation

What we offer at Addictive Beauty Studio

At Addictive Beauty Studio we offer many different treatments, such as:

  • Threading and Waxing
  • Facials
  • Massage

Threading we offer at Addictive


Upper Lip- £3.00

Sides- £.3.50


Eyebrows tinting-£10.00

Eyebrows and Upper Lip-£6.00

Full face-£10.00

Waxing we offer at Addictive


Full Arms-£9.00

Half Arms-£5.50


Half Bottom Legs-£8.00

Half Top Legs-£7.50

Full Legs-£15.00


Full Body (inc; bikini line)-£45.00

Full Body (inc; full Hollywood)-£60.00

Facials we offer at Addictive

Mini Facial- £10.00; Refreshing skin booster for a brighter look

Deep Cleansing Facial- £15.00; As well as removing the toxins from your skin, it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed

Thai Skin Therapy Facial- £20.00; This facial is ideal for dull looking skin and leaves the skin looking perfectly moisturised and soft

Deep Hydration Facial- £20.00; Rejuvenating all the moisture back into your skin, recommended for dry skin, leaves skin feeling moisturised and deeply hydrated

Deluxe Gold Re balancing Facial- £25.00; A rich complete ‘meal’ deeply replenishes skin leaving it supple and comfortable

Image result for facials

Massages we offer at Addictive

Body Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £10.00; For the ultimate relaxation, the body massage is a must! The feeling of tension throughout the body are melted away with  soothing and calming massage.

Thai Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £15.00; Relieving back, shoulders and neck stiffness involving a soft gentle but firm pressure providing relaxation all over your body.

Reflexology Massage-£25.00; The application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of feet. A reflex action stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area relieving, pain and stiffness, increasing the blood circulation, boosting energy all over your body.

Aroma Therapy Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £25.00; This massage at the end of the day the stress and tension which is built up in the back, neck and shoulders is gently eased with aromatic balms and a relaxation deep tissue massage.

Indian Head Massage- £10.00; Helps relieve stress and relaxes your mind. This massage is amazing for migraines and headaches, this massage will also include a shoulder massage to help de-stress you.

Hot Stone Massage- full body £30.00, shoulders and back only £25.00; Speciality massage where the therapist uses smooth stones as an extension of their own hands by placing them on the body, the heat will relax the muscles without using deep pressure relieving all muscle tension aches and pains.

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Importance of primers and top primers!


Welcome to Addictive Beauty Studio’s latest blog post!

We have picked out our favourite high end and high street primers. Carry on reading to find your perfect match!

Top high street primers

  1. Bourjois Paris happy light matte serum primer £10.99: We recommend this primer as it will give you a healthy glow. This primer is not sticky and will make your make up last all day and it is not greasy at all! Score:7/10
  2. Gosh velvet touch foundation primer (clear) £12.99: We recommend this primer for various different reasons! This is one of our all time favourite primers from the high street. This primer glides on to your skin and make your skin feel literally like velvet!! Score: 8.5/10
  3. NYX HD Studio photogenic primer base £12.00: We highly recommend this product! This primer will feel very lightweight on the skin and will make your make up last all day without a doubt! This primer also gives you a natural make up look. Score: 9/10

primerNYX-HD-Studio-Photogenic-Primer-Base1Image result for bourjois paris happy light luminous serum primer

Top high end primers

  1.  Smashbox photo finished foundation primer (clear)-light £26.00: This primer is a must have in your make up kits girls! This primer will last you a long time and is worth every penny of your money! When you apply make up after using this primer your make up will look flawless!! 10/10
  2. Laura Mercier hydrating primer £28.00: We highly recommend this primer to everyone! If you do not use a primer currently this primer will make such a big difference to your make up application! It will make your make up last so much longer and your make up will also look a lot better! For this product we can truly say a little will go a long way. This primer is totally worth your money and will last your a long time! score: 10/10
  3. MAC prep and prime skin £21.00: This primer will make your foundation application super smooth and even! This primer will make your skin look super radiant. However, this primer has micro-shimmers so people who love a matte finish should avoid this primer. 7.5/10

Image result for smashbox photo finish foundation primerImage result for laura mercier hydrating primerImage result for mac primer prep and prime

The importance of using a primer

  • Using a primer will create a smoother finish when completing  your make up.
  • Primers provide a long lasting finish.
  • Using a primer seal pores. If you do not use a primer and apply liquid foundation then pores will be more visible.
  • Overtime you may notice that your skin has become softer.
  • Primers are very easy to apply.

Tip; The senior make up artist at Addictive believes for a flawless finish apply your primer with your fingertips.

The best high street primer is: NYX HD Studio photogenic primer base

The best high end primer is:  Smashbox photo finished foundation primer (clear)-light

The Top 5 HOT Red’s From MAC


Welcome to Addictive Beauty’s first EVER blog post.

Why not start the new month with a sizzling, HOT red lipstick from MAC?

Our make-up artist at Additive recommends the following MUST HAVE shades from Mac Cosmetics:

Russian Red (Matte); Russian red is a luxurious colour which is perfect for a night out or an evening function. This colour suits all skin tones and is a very popular shade and is used for our traditional Asian bridal looks.

Ruby Woo (Matte)Ruby woo is a must have for your make up kits ladies!! This shade is very popular and you can wear this colour all year round.

Chili (Matte); The pigmentation for Chili is fantastic as any of the other Mac lipsticks. This shade has hints of an orange tone and compliments medium to dark skin tones. Chili is definitely our go to shade during the Autumn/Winter seasons.

Relentlessly Red (Matte)Relentlessly red is a very bold shade with hints of pink. Definitely the IN shade during the spring/summer seasons.  This shade compliments both pale and warm skin tones.

Ladybug (Lustre); Ladybug gives a beautiful satin finish which adds the extra finishing touch to the classic red lip. Ladybug goes well with pale skin tones

Recommendations: ** Cherry and Ruby Woo lip liners are perfect for outlining the lips for all the red shades mentioned above.**

Stay tuned for next weeks top tips in beauty, cosmetics, fashion and hair. x



The Addictive Team

Asiyah -(Founder Addictive Beauty Studio): Asiyah is 25 year olds and from Bolton. She is a make up artist and hairstylist at Addictive Beauty Studio. Asiyah has many hobbies; she loves going to the gym, spending time with her family and friends and she LOVES to travel. Asiyah has travelled to many places such as, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai, India and many more however she loved India the most. This was due to the culture, food and the lifestyle in the cities Mumbai and New Delhi. Asiyah is always developing and learning new skills in the make up industry.

Afsana- (Beautician/Hairstylist/Hijabstylist): Afsana is 30 years old, she is a beautician and hair/hijab stylist at Addictive Beauty Studio. Afsana is an enthusiastic character who gets a long with a lot of the clients at Addictive.

Reena-(Beautician): Reena is 28 years old  who is a gentle and caring character. Reena is a full time beautician at Addictive. Reena has a very good relationship with the clients.

Fatima-(Receptionist/P.A): Fatima is the newest member to addictive she is 17 years old. Fatima is a student and a part time Addictive staff.

Mariyah- (Hairstylist): Mariyah is 23 years old who is a qualified hairdresser, hairstylist.


At Addictive Beauty Studio we treat each other like a big family rather than colleagues.


Asiyah Atcha – Founder of Addictive Beauty Studio


Reena Gohil – Beautician


Fatima Patel – Receptionist / PA


Mariya Pathan – Hairdresser