What we offer at Addictive Beauty Studio

At Addictive Beauty Studio we offer many different treatments, such as:

  • Threading and Waxing
  • Facials
  • Massage

Threading we offer at Addictive


Upper Lip- £3.00

Sides- £.3.50


Eyebrows tinting-£10.00

Eyebrows and Upper Lip-£6.00

Full face-£10.00

Waxing we offer at Addictive


Full Arms-£9.00

Half Arms-£5.50


Half Bottom Legs-£8.00

Half Top Legs-£7.50

Full Legs-£15.00


Full Body (inc; bikini line)-£45.00

Full Body (inc; full Hollywood)-£60.00

Facials we offer at Addictive

Mini Facial- £10.00; Refreshing skin booster for a brighter look

Deep Cleansing Facial- £15.00; As well as removing the toxins from your skin, it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed

Thai Skin Therapy Facial- £20.00; This facial is ideal for dull looking skin and leaves the skin looking perfectly moisturised and soft

Deep Hydration Facial- £20.00; Rejuvenating all the moisture back into your skin, recommended for dry skin, leaves skin feeling moisturised and deeply hydrated

Deluxe Gold Re balancing Facial- £25.00; A rich complete ‘meal’ deeply replenishes skin leaving it supple and comfortable

Image result for facials

Massages we offer at Addictive

Body Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £10.00; For the ultimate relaxation, the body massage is a must! The feeling of tension throughout the body are melted away with  soothing and calming massage.

Thai Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £15.00; Relieving back, shoulders and neck stiffness involving a soft gentle but firm pressure providing relaxation all over your body.

Reflexology Massage-£25.00; The application of pressure onto particular areas of the soles of feet. A reflex action stimulated by the manipulation of each specific area relieving, pain and stiffness, increasing the blood circulation, boosting energy all over your body.

Aroma Therapy Massage- full body £20.00, shoulders and back only £25.00; This massage at the end of the day the stress and tension which is built up in the back, neck and shoulders is gently eased with aromatic balms and a relaxation deep tissue massage.

Indian Head Massage- £10.00; Helps relieve stress and relaxes your mind. This massage is amazing for migraines and headaches, this massage will also include a shoulder massage to help de-stress you.

Hot Stone Massage- full body £30.00, shoulders and back only £25.00; Speciality massage where the therapist uses smooth stones as an extension of their own hands by placing them on the body, the heat will relax the muscles without using deep pressure relieving all muscle tension aches and pains.

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