Importance of primers and top primers!


Welcome to Addictive Beauty Studio’s latest blog post!

We have picked out our favourite high end and high street primers. Carry on reading to find your perfect match!

Top high street primers

  1. Bourjois Paris happy light matte serum primer £10.99: We recommend this primer as it will give you a healthy glow. This primer is not sticky and will make your make up last all day and it is not greasy at all! Score:7/10
  2. Gosh velvet touch foundation primer (clear) £12.99: We recommend this primer for various different reasons! This is one of our all time favourite primers from the high street. This primer glides on to your skin and make your skin feel literally like velvet!! Score: 8.5/10
  3. NYX HD Studio photogenic primer base £12.00: We highly recommend this product! This primer will feel very lightweight on the skin and will make your make up last all day without a doubt! This primer also gives you a natural make up look. Score: 9/10

primerNYX-HD-Studio-Photogenic-Primer-Base1Image result for bourjois paris happy light luminous serum primer

Top high end primers

  1.  Smashbox photo finished foundation primer (clear)-light £26.00: This primer is a must have in your make up kits girls! This primer will last you a long time and is worth every penny of your money! When you apply make up after using this primer your make up will look flawless!! 10/10
  2. Laura Mercier hydrating primer £28.00: We highly recommend this primer to everyone! If you do not use a primer currently this primer will make such a big difference to your make up application! It will make your make up last so much longer and your make up will also look a lot better! For this product we can truly say a little will go a long way. This primer is totally worth your money and will last your a long time! score: 10/10
  3. MAC prep and prime skin £21.00: This primer will make your foundation application super smooth and even! This primer will make your skin look super radiant. However, this primer has micro-shimmers so people who love a matte finish should avoid this primer. 7.5/10

Image result for smashbox photo finish foundation primerImage result for laura mercier hydrating primerImage result for mac primer prep and prime

The importance of using a primer

  • Using a primer will create a smoother finish when completing  your make up.
  • Primers provide a long lasting finish.
  • Using a primer seal pores. If you do not use a primer and apply liquid foundation then pores will be more visible.
  • Overtime you may notice that your skin has become softer.
  • Primers are very easy to apply.

Tip; The senior make up artist at Addictive believes for a flawless finish apply your primer with your fingertips.

The best high street primer is: NYX HD Studio photogenic primer base

The best high end primer is:  Smashbox photo finished foundation primer (clear)-light

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