The Addictive Team

Asiyah -(Founder Addictive Beauty Studio): Asiyah is 25 year olds and from Bolton. She is a make up artist and hairstylist at Addictive Beauty Studio. Asiyah has many hobbies; she loves going to the gym, spending time with her family and friends and she LOVES to travel. Asiyah has travelled to many places such as, Canada, Turkey, Singapore, Dubai, India and many more however she loved India the most. This was due to the culture, food and the lifestyle in the cities Mumbai and New Delhi. Asiyah is always developing and learning new skills in the make up industry.

Afsana- (Beautician/Hairstylist/Hijabstylist): Afsana is 30 years old, she is a beautician and hair/hijab stylist at Addictive Beauty Studio. Afsana is an enthusiastic character who gets a long with a lot of the clients at Addictive.

Reena-(Beautician): Reena is 28 years old  who is a gentle and caring character. Reena is a full time beautician at Addictive. Reena has a very good relationship with the clients.

Fatima-(Receptionist/P.A): Fatima is the newest member to addictive she is 17 years old. Fatima is a student and a part time Addictive staff.

Mariyah- (Hairstylist): Mariyah is 23 years old who is a qualified hairdresser, hairstylist.


At Addictive Beauty Studio we treat each other like a big family rather than colleagues.


Asiyah Atcha – Founder of Addictive Beauty Studio


Reena Gohil – Beautician


Fatima Patel – Receptionist / PA


Mariya Pathan – Hairdresser